Mother's Day
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And also
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I've been a fan of Kate Beaton for a long time now, and it's been so sad watching her struggle through the heartbreak of losing her sister. But through it all and through her pregnancy she's still creating art that's simultaneously funny and so descriptive that I feel like I know her family through it.
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Oh this is good news! Thanks for posting it.
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Ahhhh you know my dumb pregnant ass just had to leave the cafeteria at my office cause I started crying. Ohhh Kate I'm so happy for you and you're going to be such a good mom <3
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My favourite bit was Davis Willis, a man who feels insecure if he has less than a three month buffer of strips for his daily webcomic, giving props: "making a baby and then immediately turning in a comic about it is, like, Legend Tier"
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