Beads and viruses go hand in hand
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Ruth Cuthland is an artist of Plains Cree, Scottish, and Irish ancestry. In her work, Trading Series, she uses beads to illustrate twelve diseases Europeans brought to North America, and porcupine quills to illustrate the disease that traveled back to Europe. In Don't Breathe, Don't Drink she beaded magnified bacterium and parasites found in the water of the 94 First Nations communities with boil water advisories
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Thanks for posting, ChuraChura. Her work is so beautiful and sad.
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It's really important to note that the TRading Seires is in the middle of the indingeious portion of the new Royal Albeta Musuem, which tried really hard to contextualize indingieous stories on the praries.
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The baby bottles are particularly intense. Really good work! And real sad.
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heartbreakingly beautiful. thanks for posting.
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The Trading Series pieces are really good, thank you for posting these. One of the galleries linked on her website has some prices; they are probably cheaper than they should be for such powerful works, but are still well above my budget, sadly.
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