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Super Mario Maker 2 [YouTube][Announcement Trailer] [Nintendo Direct] “Super Mario Maker 2 is looking like a substantial upgrade over the original build-your-Mario-game. Today during a Nintendo Direct video, Nintendo detailed a huge number of features coming to the Switch game, chief among them co-op play, so that you can build and design levels with another player on the same console. You’ll also be able to play through created levels online with up to four other people.” [via: The Verge]

• Super Mario Maker 2 Has A Story Mode And Much More [Kotaku]
“The sequel to Super Mario Maker will have a story mode, unlike its predecessor, Nintendo said today in a Nintendo Direct dedicated to the game. In said story mode, you’ll get to rebuild Princess Peach’s destroyed castle by playing through courses to earn coins for the reconstruction effort. Plus: lots, lots more. Over the course of a 15-minute video for Super Mario Maker 2, which is out June 28 for Switch, Nintendo detailed a ton of new features that will be added to the Mario level builder, including clear conditions (“win by collecting 50 coins!”) and cooperative building with a second player. Also: Slopes, on-off switches, seesaws, angry suns, and even mechanics that have never been in a Mario game before, like swinging claws and a dry bones shell that lets you glide in lava and hide as a pile of bones. (And: a CAR.) You can add auto-scroll to your levels, swap themes, insert moving water or lava, and much, much more.”
• Super Mario Maker 2 news dump: Finally, Mario gets an online-versus mode [Ars Technica]
“As of press time, Nintendo did not clarify whether the game will require any routine online check-in to access those downloaded levels after, say, being offline for over a week or canceling a NSO membership. That bad news is washed down to some extent by the surprise announcement of versus and co-op modes, which Nintendo once declared would never work online in the Super Mario series. Up to four players can either compete or team up to tackle whatever objective is attached to a given SMM2 level, whether it's as simple as reaching the goal first or additionally racking up custom requirements, like coin pick-ups or 1-UP mushrooms. Both modes include a New Super Mario Bros.-esque physics system, which means each of the four players can shove or bounce off other players. These modes will also work via local networking... with a bizarre catch. One of the Switch systems in local versus or co-op play must be connected to the Internet and confirm NSO credentials.”
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• Everything New in Super Mario Maker 2 [IGN]
• Slopes
• Angry Sun
• Snake Block
• ON/OFF Switch
• Seesaw
• Swinging Claw
• Water Level
• Lava Level
• Custom Scroll
• Scroll Stop
• Banzai Bill
• Dry Bones Shell
• Big Coins
• Cat Mario
• Twister
• Icicle
• Diagonal Conveyor Belt
• Red Yoshi
• Parachute
• Boom Boom
• Clear Pipes
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I would like to remind everyone of the existence of Metafilter Mario Maker, a place where members can post the SMM (and upcoming SMM2) levels they've made! Let me know (via MeMail) if you make levels and want in on it!
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And to Fizz: Don't forget MEOWSER.
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I don't have a Nintendo but now I need a Nintendo

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Does anyone know if Mario Maker 1 on the 3DS is still supported/operational? Are people still uploading their levels? Can you still download/play? Just wondering.
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In Mario Maker on the 3DS for some reason, the only way to share levels was locally (either directly to a linked nearby 3DS, or via streetpass somehow). It never actually let you upload levels to the internet, and only lets you download and play Wii U levels (this still works, although I don't know how the Wii U sharing works anymore, since Miiverse was shut down).
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I am so pumped for this game. I own it on Wii U and 3DS, and Super Mario Maker 2 makes them both look like barebones tech demos.

3D World theme is going to be absolutely bonkers - and there's talk of additional themes made available in the future as DLC.
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I missed the first Mario Maker due to not having a console that would run it, but I have a Switch now, so I am excited for this.
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I know a guy who’s extremely pumped for this because he loved the way the first SMM provided a glimpse into the darkness in people’s souls
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This is the first "Must Have" Switch title for me since Breath of the Wild.
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Yeah, I'm 100% buying this. I'm pumped to play around with my own levels and all the millions of others we'll have access to online. :)
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This got me to buy a Nintendo Switch Online card.

I'm really looking forward to sideways Thwomps, myself.
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Also, this is a delightful little trip back. [Extreme Mario Maker by Videogamedunkey][Possible NSFW]
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A lot of people still want to get Nintendo into the movies, but it never quite works. I much prefer their forays into theme parks and these 'makers.' Nintendo makes games and games are interactive. Their IP is best served when they're put into things you can play with, things that play with you back. I want a Zelda maker. I want a Pokemon maker. I really want a Metroid maker. I want a Kart maker. I want a fighter-game maker that sits somewhere between Smash and Street Fighter.

Detective Pikachu is getting middling reviews. No one's too excited for Illumination's Mario Bros. But Nintendo still has a few industries to grow into.
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My son loves the first one and watching the Direct for this he kept slapping the desk and saying, “what! I’m losing my freaking mind here!”
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Faint of Butt, I wish there were a Doki Doki Panic Maker SO BAD
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I have almost no desire to make any of my own levels and soul-crushing amounts of desire to buy this and play everyone else's.
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Quackles, if you have an Amazon Prime account you can use it to get a free year of Nintendo Switch Online. It'll add to the end of your current year if you've already paid for it.
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Faint of Butt, I wish there were a Doki Doki Panic Maker SO BAD.

There's a section on the main labeled "Extra Game Styles". So far, it's just 3D World, but that plural leaves a lot of possibilities on the table.
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