use the Golden Mean: 380° for 8 minutes, with a shake halfway through
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We use the shit out of our air fryer in my household. Frozen fare - fries, spring rolls, samosas, chicken/veggie burger patties; fresh chicken wings. Stuff turns out great.
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The product in that review i am mostly likely to consume turned out to be a fake one thrown in to see if we were still reading? an enjoyable review but im not sure i can justify the counterspace. i already feel like a slave to my instant pot.
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Chris is a reserved guy who rarely “flips out,” but he was flipping out over these, the Wal-Mart house brand of “Wyngz” (see above).

I like how Chris Onstad seems to be in a better place these days.
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I enjoyed that article and shared it with some like-minded friends. Thank you!
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I guarantee no other Bagel Bites have ever attained this level of a high B-minus.

I love the snark from actual junk food lovers. It was great.
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I won an air fryer at our company Holiday party "gift game" thing - it's one of those "you can keep what you got or trade someone else" and while everyone else was fighting over the little TV and the MP3 player, I quietly held onto what I knew would be the superior product, and it has lived up to my expectations, we use it about weekly.

My only disappointment is that I'm not a fan of hot pockets or other 'personal' pizza things so much of the list is lost on me, and many of the other are things I already have tried (fries and 'fried' things are where it's a viking, by nature). I am going to have to try the taquitos and corn dogs, though. My grocer doesn't carry bunny legs, unfortunately.
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Well, in an unexpected twist, I have eaten 2 foods courtesy of my parents’ air fryer: cheese wrapped in prosciutto and spicy crispy rabbit legs.

I might be in the wrong timeline.
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cheese wrapped in prosciutto and spicy crispy rabbit legs.

I'm not into any of the frozen foods mentioned in the article, but I could definitely enjoy the hell out of both of those.
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The best chicken wings I've ever made have been in the Acti-fry. Even with the agitator arm beating the shit out of them, the perfect crispness can't be matched.

It's a pain in the entire ass to clean it up, tho.
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I'm just happy someone took on that mean-spirited NYTimes article. Normally I'm not among the Times-haters at all, but that hurt. I love my actifry and I resent people who are mean towards air-fryers.
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Has anyone owned both an air fryer and a convection toaster oven? How do they compare?

This post is making me lust after a Breville Smart Air.
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I purchased an air fryer because of this article.

The hope is that it'll let us do baking style stuff in the summer without running the oven.
Testing a batch of frozen fries for kicks right now, then will try using it to crisp up some sous vided hot wings.

It's made by GoWiseUsa, so I have high hopes that is a superior quality product.
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We never owned a convection toaster oven, but have used a convection oven oven extensively.

This seems to be a lot more directed than the oven. The oven had consistent temperature, but this is like a 400 degree blow dryer pointed at the food. Functionally seems to be different.
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Okay for a tiny batch of frozen fries, it did an amazing job in 11 minutes @400 degrees and the kitchen isn't a zillion degrees.

Next up, wings.
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Annd aside from kinda overloading the basket, it did an amazing job crisping the wings.

This is a neat device. Seems more useful than a toaster oven, and gives pretty impressive results. Definitely fits in with the sous vide/finishing cooking flow.
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My main use of the Airfryer is fresh fried potatoes, blocks, wedges, fries. Peel a few potatoes, (or just wash them if they have a nice skin without blemishes) cut them in pieces and throw em in the Fryer for 25 minutes. Toss the basket a few times while preparing the rest of the food. Great results every time. I probably don't clean the thing often enough, but we're still alive.
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