Fanny Fielding Art
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Hello Dear. I am an artist based in Hertfordshire UK using mostly watercolour and can often been seen out and about painting on the streets and wherever takes my fancy. [NSFW language.]
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Everything about this is perfect.
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The chimney patching one almost looks too photo realistic to be a water color. Amazing.
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I guffawed.
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Wait, where’s the NSFW language? I only see images of balls, tits, nuts, pussies, holes, cocks, etc
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What a delight, thank you so much for sharing this, I love it!
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Is she by any chance related to young Mr Finbarr Saunders?
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Samantha would like a word.
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Reminds me of the poetry of Sir Benjamin Hill.
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One of my friends just observed "It's as if the Two Ronnies lived into the age of Pornhub".
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Needs extra tag though: 'Ooh er Missus!'
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