The Scott Rea Project
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Butcher Scott Rea makes sausages. Pork & Wild Garlic Sausages. Black Pudding , (blood sausage, be warned). Venison & Stout Sausages. He has a number of from field to table videos, for instance going through the whole process of slaughtering and butchering a lamb.

He has been at this a while, he has a whole library of videos on butchering cows, pigs, and every sort of game animal. Plus, there are some mouth watering cooking videos.
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I eat a lot of "sausage".

Have recently becoming fascinated by curing and preservation, and what that means to sausage. Fascinating.

Also, ewwww...

So, pork blood? Ewww, but, the Wikipedia images look tasty.
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I like sausage as well, from haggis to boudain, and I like black pudding, but that was borderline gross! It is literally true that you may not want to know how it is made, but boy did my mouth water for the fried egg and pudding at the end of the video.
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Just TBH..l

Did Not watch
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Mrs. ikahime and I a few years ago bought half a hog from our neighbor (which we then picked up on the tailgate of our truck), and watched the Scott Rea Project while we butchered it. So informative and helpful!
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Black pudding is yummy.
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Slovak neighbor used to smoke blood sausage in his chimney every Xmas and bring it by. Mom would ask us to throw it out and Dad and I would hide it until we finished it. Turns out I don't even like it much but I almost can't throw away food.
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The Slovakian version of black pudding looks delicious. English sausages, bangers and black or white puddings have almost no meat, they are oats and barley and rusks with some fat back added. Most European sausages have a lot more meat.
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I'm a foodie, enthusiastic home cook, and I love love love offal and cuts and meat parts that others tend to eschew (eg tendons, skin, fat, blood, organs).

I'm an avid sausage eater, but have yet to make any. But I love sausages, from every culture and culinary tradition I've tried so far. I really enjoy the Korean blood sausage, soondae, but I've also had other delicious blood sausages too. I love how rich cooked blood is.
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My boyfriend, a Brit who loves blood sausage and this guy's channel, had not seen this one. We can't wait to make this. I'm wondering if we can get fresh blood from the Chinese or Mexican grocers.
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My father and I love black pudding. He is obsessed enough to have travelled hundreds of kilometres to try a hand made version he hadn't yet tasted, and to pester local chefs who have house-made versions when he otherwose cannot afford to eat at the restaurant. We prefer the English versions, which seem to have more fat and salt. These look very tasty.
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We're planning a sausage-making day at our house so I'm excited to check this out!
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