Jon Batiste's 'The Game of Thrones' Song
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Jon Batiste's 'The Game of Thrones' Song [SLYT]

"Now you, I understand, are a huge Game of Thrones fan, right?"
"No. Never seen a single episode."
"How did you write a song recapping the entire series?"
"Well, I've seen plenty of memes online, so, just put it together like that, you know."
"Oh. That's all you know about Game of Thrones?"
"Yep. But I think I nailed it. Jim?"
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Oh that final line? "One of HBO's greatest hits, it's the Lord of the Rings with boobs!" I'm 99% sure he originally wrote that in a way that rhymed.
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Will this be better than the finale? Let's tune in tomorrow night and find out, everyone!
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The whole "I've never watched a single episode of Game of Thrones" scene should get together and collaborate on poorly overheard and misunderstood recreations of the series. It's easy comedy mining.
I've already heard some great bits from Tom Scharpling and, seperately, from Brent Weinbach. I'm sure they're not alone.
Someone on twitter, or whatever, needs to start this whole #what happened on GOT from those who never watched Got, or however that works.
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Neil Cicierega is still out there, without control or restraint. He's likely already on the case.
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I feel there should have been a line about Jon Snow knowing nothing if this was really based on memes.
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It’s been done before two great effect. Apparently “Weird Al” Yankovic wrote pretty much all of “The Saga Vegins“ from USENET rumors about what was going to be in the Phantom Menace. And now that song is pretty much the only reason I can tell you what happened in that movie
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I have not seen a single minute of this show and yet I made a very popular Game of Thrones gag tweet while the episode was airing, just using the general Twitter osmotic information flow.
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It's not uncommon for folks to be able to satirize or even genuinely engage with huge cultural phenomenon creative works without being avid followers.

My last ex was gifted at writing fan fic. She was good at matching tone, paralanguage, vocabulary, word choice, patterning, rhythm etc. and according to fans, quite good at, e.g. Potterverse fic, even though she assiduously avoided the official and unofficial material and only relied on how other fic writers talked about Potterverse stuff.
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Just listened to it. Sounds legit. Definitely what this show is probably about.
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I curse the day that my friend ever loaned me
An old dog-eared paperback called Game of Thrones
How could I know that this seed would grow into
An addiction that held me, right down to my bones

Now, five books later, I lurk with the masses
Indignant, entitled, and waiting for word
That the great Bearded Glacier has finally published
Nine hundred more pages of crack for the nerds

Why does every new verse of your song
Keep taking you so goddamn long?

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And if you want a Game of Thrones cover of We Didn't Start the Fire, there's also that, too.
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I feel there should have been a line about Jon Snow knowing nothing if this was really based on memes.

There might be a petition floating around to redo this song.
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It may not be the song we wanted but it is definitely the song we deserved.
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It took me multiple listens to realize that in the first verse he wasn't just mumbling "mumma bumma swords and sticks".
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On a related note, I went to a preview of a show called "Westeros Side Story" this weekend, which tells the story of the Night's Watch vs. the Wildings to the tune of the songs in West Side Story. The last line...Jon knows nothing.
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This is the only GoT Song I need.
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If you want the Game of Thrones title theme with a surf guitar vibe, Los Straitjackets have it covered.
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