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Do you need 4 minutes of Bill Hader cackling next to John Mulaney without context? Well...There you go. If you want the context, there's the whole hour of Mulaney and Hader at the 92nd Street Y, recorded last week.

Plenty of SNL reminiscences, impressions and vitamins Hader and Mulaney.
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Uncontrolled laughter is better when you don't have to edit it.
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I would pay real cash money to see this, even if Bill Hader laughing sounds like a nine year old trying to annoy people by rubbing a balloon.
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I was selling chocolates at a different event the 92nd st Y had going on at the same time, and could hear the laughter coming from another part of the building. It wasn't until I was on my way out that I saw a sign for this show and realized the laughter was for Mulaney and Hader
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and the very recent Tad Friend profile of Hader, from The new Yorker.
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I imagine that Bill must have been very very tired after his flight 😆 Still funny af, though.
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I can't wait to watch that season finale tonight. (PS: Listening to this put me way behind on podcasts. *shakefist*)
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Everyone is watching Barry, right? Barry is really great.
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To put you further off your podcast game, here's Bill Hader on Conan O'Brian Needs a Friend, with almost as many minutes of cackling, plus a few added cartoony sound effects.
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Bill Hader is seriously one of the finest actors of his generation. "Barry" is just beyond amazing. And I love John Mulaney.

So what I'm saying is....Seth, this post's got everything.
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