that Butterfly song will never die
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DanceRush Stardom is a rhythm/dancing game from Konami. The machines have a built-in camera that can record movements (and blur out background figures). Unlike Dance Dance Revolution, DanceRush operates on a large, touch-sensitive pad divided into long columns. This allows for a certain freedom of choreography.

Video quality is poor, but it's good enough to enjoy seeing people having fun dancing (sometimes in interesting outfits). Common dancers include Guani G., Konishi, Kaz, H!rasu, and U-ki.

Selected videos to hasten one down the rabbit hole:
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Well, that certainly seems like fun. And exhausting! Could it actually be a good workout, if you warm up and stretch properly before and after?
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This reminds me of when I visited a ski resort in Japan some years ago, and “Dam Dariram” began playing on the speakers. I nearly fell over with the realization that it was actually a real song.
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We've still got a metal-pad DDR (well, Stepmania) rig set up in the house, and while it doesn't get used as heavily as it did 10 years ago, we still give it a spin now and then. So much fun, and great cardio!
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I want to be playing that. Right now plzthx. But a modest amount of googlery does not indicate, obviously, any cabinets in the UK. Waaah.

I would also very much like to play Chunithm (which I think might be a Sega game rather than Komani) again - I got the chance to play it a tiny bit in Tokyo (at Sega Joypolis in Odaiba). Nowhere near the standard of play in that video, but damn do I love the chance to play rhythm games with properly nutso j-core music.

Every time I play one of the "Dancing Stage" (as DDR is known in the UK) machines around here, I am thoroughly informed by the machine that my cardio is entirely not what it used to be.
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DanceRush Stardom is a ton of fun. I've always loved DDR, and knew about DanceRush in advance before a recent trip to Japan. It was the first thing I sought out as soon as I found the closest arcade (although I ended up loving maimai much more, but that's another story.)

The only real drawback I found, as someone just learning, was that there were a number of "lessons" that seemed pretty necessary in order to understand how you would realistically pull off what was needed to match the required input. It was great that these were offered, but doing them (not surprisingly) counted against the number of songs you'd paid for. So if you paid your 100 yen for two songs, doing a lesson counted as one of them.

I probably only played about a half-dozen times due to competing interests (see the aforementioned maimai and also marble-pusher/token games which... hoo boy) but could definitely see myself dropping a bunch of time and money on this if one was available local to me.
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These were awesome, thanks for sharing.
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If, like me, anyone was wondering what the game looks like for the players here is a decent example.
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