Everything's going fine. No trouble. Just get set and get going, amen.
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The vocal group* 180 Gs released 180 D'Gs to the Future - an entire album of a cappella covers of Negativland songs, in a variety of styles from gospel to work song to just weird. And! They also covered all of The Residents' 1980 Commercial Album. And Cardiac's album Sing to God [previously, previously]!

* Actually, the "group" appears to be a single person, David Minnick [soundcloud, bandcamp]

Interview with David Minnick about the Negativland project, which was released as a bonus CD along with the Negativland DVD "Our Favorite Things".
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Track listing for 180 D'Gs to the Future (also available with links on the youtube page).

1 - Intro (Everything's Going Fine) - 0:00
2 - Christianity Is Stupid - 3:34
3 - Helter Stupid - 7:30
4 - Greatest Taste Around - 11:56
5 - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - 15:29
6 - Car Bomb - 21:39
7 - A Nice Place to Live - 23:04
8 - Seat Bee Sate - 26:44
9 - The Playboy Channel - 29:01
10 - I Am God - 30:52
11 - Roy Storey Sports Line - 36:02
12 - Oven Noises - 40:03
13 - Theme From a Big 10-8 Place (Live) - 45:12
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Oh, man this is great. Best covers since Señor Coconut
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The Letter U, in the Key of G
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! I'm the guy who interviewed David in the OP! I HAVE MADE IT! I AM FINALLY ONE OF METAFILTER'S OWN.
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I'd really recommend listening to Minnick's other stuff - especially the Sursiks (for example, I Didn't Know I Was Singing - "an album of phone messages set to music"). Apparently he's been doing this stuff for thirty years - did anyone outside (or, indeed, inside) Detroit know anything about it, because it's a nice surprise to me.
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One thing I wondered, listening to Singing' To God was whether he records this stuff by putting the original on tracks one and two and building up the cover alongside, but I suspect from that interview that I wouldn't get a sensible answer anyway.
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Minnick pops up occasionally in a Cardiacs-related group that I'm in and seems an all around great guy. If I'm not mistaken, he also teaches music theory and is an organist at his local parish, which makes his cover of "Christianity is Stupid" all the more amusing.
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*...many are still wondering why...*
(favorite moment of helter stupid)

a big 10-8 place (apparently both parts 1 and 2), for reference: the number is 180 and the letter is G.

no other possibility.
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Rad. I don't understand being the kind of person who does this sort of thing, but I'm glad they do.
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*scrolls through track list* c'mon big ten eight place big ten eight place big ten eight place YES BIG TEN EIGHT PLACE

i will not be able to fix the problem and will be fired
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this is going to stop me from having an orgasm on the playboy channel.
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Looks like I don’t have to become invisible and shoplift a copy and can just order a CD online.
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