Even Wizard Colleges Have Sports Scholarships
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Quidditch is so 20th Century. The new hot shit is the wizard sport of Fireball, brought to you by the homebrew adventure tabletop gaming blog A Blasted Cratered Land, with game mechanics written for the GLOG rules-lite homebrew system family. (A Blasted Cratered Land also has a quick rundown of what the GLOG is.)

A Blasted Cratered Land is a new blog which only starting posting this year. A lot of her posts are rules for her own GLOG ruleset, Mimics and Miscreants, but she also has a nice post about Gamemastering, and she's written three Loot Shooter classes:
the Vault Hunter
the Doom Guy
the Warframe

which function as rough analogs to the Rogue, Fighter, and Wizard trio of classic D&D classes.
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Well damn if these ain't fightin' words ;)
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Well you made me feel bad about my aggressive framing, so I found two different sets of D&D Quidditch rules (which I have not read all of yet), one for what appears to be a post-apocalyptic Potter setting for old-style D&D and another for 5e. I have no idea whether either would be fun. For that matter, I don't actually know if Fireball would be fun, I just enjoyed reading the post!
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Omg Cadeuceus you sweetheart, I was totally kidding but guess who is gonna bring BOTH games to work to make her co-workers battle it out


Thank you for sharing these neat resources :) I should have said that first before saying something sassy
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Oh, I knew you were kidding, there was a winky emoticon! Your response mostly just made me curious to see if anyone had come up with anything, and obviously, someone had. And you're welcome! And if you do try those Quidditch rules I'd love to know if they're fun to play.
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I don't D&D, but I love that this exists. Great post.
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I haven't seen A Blasted Cratered Land before it looks great, I'll add it to the read list that I don't read nearly often enough.

GLOG is pretty great, I've played the Owlbear Stew hack of it from here (it's fun just to click the character generator.)
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