The Art of Making in Antiquity
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"The Art of Making in Antiquity is an innovative digital project designed for the study of Roman stoneworking. Centred on the photographic archive of Peter Rockwell, this website aims to enhance current understanding of the carving process and to investigate the relationship between the surviving objects, the method and sequence of their production and the people who made them."
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Amazing, thank you! Is there a visual gallery anywhere of the referenced tools and materials, like ancient tooth chisels and so forth?
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Thanks jedicus, this is so useful, I worked for a traditional Mason for a year while studying; this brings it all back, great how he has all the tools on one page. We were mainly working limestone and used old cross cut saws for basic work, plus most things here.
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Roman stoneworking. Peter Rockwell.

A fitting name for what he is studying. [A]ims to enhance current understanding of the carving process

What's the word for this? A little reverse eponymous-ish?
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