the story of spikey
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The Story of Spikey. Stephen Wolfram gives an account of the origin and evolution of Mathematica's logo, touching upon geometry, paper sculptures, Kepler, and Brazilian folk art, among other themes.
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Very cool story, thanks!

I could have sworn I made a rhombic hexecontahedron among the many I built from Magnus Wenninger's polyhedron books many years back, but apparently not. Time to fetch my trusty x-acto knife...
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What a gorgeous shape.
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I love that he investigated the Brazilian mother-to-daughter origin of the shape just as earnestly as the European mathematician/philosopher origins you might be forgiven for expecting. It's telling that only one of those traditions gets recorded consistently.

Also, I didn't make the connection between the Mathematica "Spiky" logo and Penrose tiling, though I've certainly stared at both long enough.
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Those polyhedral koalas that his daughter made bear a certain family resemblance.
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What a delightfully satisfying article!
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