To learn about fine arts is to learn about exclusion
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A class encounters the ugly ways of exclusively "white spaces." A nice field trip turns into a humiliation.
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Boston once again demonstrates its dyed in the wool racist elitism.
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Marvelyne Lamy sounds like an exceptional teacher. That she had to deal with this instead of being able to spend the time with her kids experiencing something positive at the museum is a real shame. Not a surprise but still a shame.

On my commute on public transportation I see all kinds of kids acting like kids—being loud and excited and dancing and talking to each other with all that kid energy—but it’s always the black kids that get the stinkeye from other (mostly white) passengers, as if their very presence is an imposition. There are people who would call themselves sophisticated and urbane and progressive who still chafe at spaces that aren’t all-white and it’s very obvious.
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2019: Not a surprise but still a shame.
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Most museums I've been in have been painfully white.
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