The Naked Don
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I feel like the parties most likely to pay more attention to a woman's economic theories when she's naked are also the ones least likely to feel any inclination to grant those theories any purchase whatsoever in their thought processes once the presentation is over, but I'm 100% in support of people getting weird with their messaging.
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Offering to subject herself to the in-person sight of a naked Rees-Mogg suggests a level of bravery I can only imagine.
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That was petty of me. It's really Jacob Rees-Mogg's soul that's ugly, and that's been nakedly visible for long time now.
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Is this the new Brexit thread? Go Britian.
posted by evilDoug at 6:15 PM on May 23, 2019

Is this the new Brexit thread? Stay, Britain.
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That is very brave. I don't even like to be naked in the shower.
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The Bush Administration needed a good economist, but this is the opposite situation.
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Meanwhile, voters are being actively disenfranchised for the crime of not being British.
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I was just thinking we needed something to take the level of this debate down another notch.
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May's resignation speech this morning was fully clothed.

So now, nothing happens on Brexit- or British politics - until the end of July, while the Tory party tears itself apart even more in the name of unity. The Zombie Parliament shambles on.

Although Sunday evening/Monday morning will be fun, when the EU election results come out. Against EU recommendations, the Netherlands have published exit polls from their elections yesterday, which put their Labour party unexpectedly ahead and the wingnuts unexpectedly behind, by comfortable margins. There was an unusually large turn-out, too.
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I thought she used the nudity tastefully to cover a difficult (for many detractors) subject. That Britain is naked without the EU - naked in many cases is good! For many people is good! In many places it is fine! But it really increases the danger of risks way outside the sphere of control of the UK - which are variable and unknowable. In the 'naked analogy', that is specifically the weather in London, but in the scope of the EU, is trade policy, science investment, and educational attainment. If London was Florida (in terms of weather) or the Caribbean (in terms of weather and investment), then maybe it wouldn't matter as much.
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