‘Is the city in conspiracy with the mob?’”
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“Ninety-eight years ago, one of the worst episodes of violence sparked by racism in America erupted in the heart of one of the most prosperous Black communities in the nation.“ Black Wall Street and the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921, Explained (Teen Vogue) A Long-Lost Manuscript Contains a Searing Eyewitness Account of the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921 (Smithsonian previously) “This was about Blacks becoming too economically powerful and showing that wealth in a way that anyone would by creating buildings and constructing churches and having property. There was a whistle that blew and then the mass invasion and the destruction of Greenwood began.” (PBS, video and transcript)
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A fantastic song by Crystal Warren about the Tulsa Massacre..
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Excellent comic from The Nib by Chelsea Saunders tells the story of "The Destruction of Black Wall Street."

I'm surprised that the Teen Vogue link wasn't to this.
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The greatest exception to Betteridge's Law. ..
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Interesting timing for a post about Tulsa given the.. hardships..that are still ongoing there and downstream.
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My friend Ajamu Kojo painted a mindblowing show about Black Wall Street. He had friends dress and pose and staged elaborate photographic portraits and then used mischtechnik, which I do not understand despite me being a painter who mixed colors for a decade and him describing it to me at least twice. Anyway, Ajamu's lovely and here's a link to an interview with him with BK Live that starts with some making-of footage. I should note that the gallery show was called "Black Wall Street: A Case for Reparations," and that title is correct.
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Lefty youtuber donoteat also covered this recently.
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