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The Archigram of Mammoth Bones: Some of the earliest found human dwellings were constructed of interlocking bones of mammoths, what is Perhaps the Oldest Surviving Architecture

The architecture of mammoth bone circular dwellings of the Upper Palaeolithic settlements in Central and Eastern Europe and their socio-symbolic meanings, Lioudmila Iakovleva, Quaternary International, Volumes 359–360, 2 March 2015, Pages 324-334

Mammoth-Bone Dwellings on the Russian Plain, Mikhail I. Gladkih, Ninelj L. Kornietz and Olga Soffer, Scientific American, Vol. 251, No. 5 (November 1984), pp. 164-175
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Our only home is bone.
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My new vacation home.
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The true Flintstones house!
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wow. mezhirich [single link google image search]
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I saw this yesterday and i thought it was so interesting. I was wondering what it must have been like for those small groups. I wonder if it was like a couple of siblings and their partners or something like that. The part about how maybe they spent the nice part of the year in these little shelters and got together into bigger groups for the winter. I guess at some point every spring they were like ok well it's been real and it's been fun but it hasn't been real fun so me and Tall Guy and The Guy Who Makes Stew Real Good are heading out. Imagine the person who decided to try this first. And then other people saw it and were like oh my god that's good. And iterated on the design over their lifetime.
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They found the Lion Camp of the Mamutoi!
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My new vacation home.

I think you mean vacation bone
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I think you mean vacation bone

No, that's something else entirely.
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Imagine the smell. You'll be glad when vacation's over.
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