Starlight Brigade
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TWRP is "an elite squad of rock stars from the future." The animated video for their song "Starlight Brigade" provides documentary evidence of this claim.
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Featuring Dan Avidan, a/k/a Danny Sexbang of Ninja Sex Party, a/k/a "Not So Grump" of Game Grumps.
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Remind anyone of Daft Punk's Interstella 5555?
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Well, Daft Punk has become kind of a genre of music; including Gorillaz, Justice (the DVNO logos guys), and my current favorites, Pegboard Nerds (google with Emoji VIP).
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As someone who owns Interstellar 5555 and can also recite every episode of Ulysses 31, this is so much my Jam it’s like someone filmed the inside of my head.


Also allllllll the inclusive lgtbqia+ Feels. All. Of. Them.
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Oh man! Is this the TWRP FPP I've been hoping for for so long?

They've been around for a while (first mentioned here in 2013 when they were called the litigation-tastic Tupperware Remix Party). The core TWRP team are crazy tight musicians: here they are busking in Toronto that same year.

Their older sound is cool-wave electro funk (viz. Pale Blue Dot), but their work with NSP is equally lovely
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I only discovered them accidentally, via Arthur "Lazerhorse" Doyle's Tumblr, he sometimes does art for them.
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Totally took me back to catching a bit of Interstella 5555 on tv. That album cover is *chef's kiss*.
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