Here comes the flood: New Blue Orchids single co-written by MES
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Martin Bramah’s Blue Orchids have been the most consistently enjoyable spin-off of The Fall since 1980 (first lineup included both Martin and Fall founder/keyboardist Una Baines - previously) and they’re back with a new single co-written by Mark E Smith back in the late 70s, “Addicted to the Day”
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Thank you!
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Some Blue Orchids classics:
Dumb Magician
A Year With No Head
The Flood
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Reminds me of Giant Sand's Ballad of the Thin Line Man.
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Thanks for this post. It sent me on a Spotify binge encompassing the Blue Orchids and the Monochrome Set, both of whom I had heard tell but never listened to. And I liked both of them, a lot.
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