Worlds about which we know almost nothing
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Three talks from ParallaxNick on a lesser-known area of the solar system, and the people and history associated with it: Uranus and Neptune: Worlds of Water [30:13] – Worlds of Shadow and Light: The Moons of Uranus and Neptune [34:03] – Solar Ghosts: The Rings of Uranus and Neptune [21:37].

Nick's channel has some of the best astronomy and science history on YouTube. I recommend the Universe of Water playlist if you want more. The episodes on Europa, Titan, Saturn's rings and smaller moons, and comets are all first-rate.
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Good stuff. Thank you, Wolfdog.
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I was anticipating excellence from your description, Wolfdog, but the first one exceeded those expectations by a bunch!

I had no idea, for example, that Uranus and Neptune have very similar surface temps despite the fact that Neptune is 11 AUs (earth orbits) further away, and that Uranus is the only giant planet that isn't radiating away much more energy than it gets from the Sun — and dozens more, including a very surprising role for an unheralded (sic(k)) Vatican astronomer in pioneering spectrograph based determinations of the compositions of stars and planets, Herschel's understanding and Laplace's very impressive demonstration that Uranus is essentially lying on its side and rolling around the Sun like a bowling ball, and the amusing factoid that "almost forgotten" science fiction author James Blish coined the term 'gas giant' (and Blish was Catholic too, I think).
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One of my favourite YT channels. Was just re-watching some of his stuff yesterday. :)

He has a Patreon account now, for those looking for a good cause to support.
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