A fan adding bass tracks
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A fan adding bass tracks to the White Stripes album 'White Blood Cells' (a fantastic album), and apparently supported by the duo. For those who haven't yet had the pleasure of hearing the white stripes, they are a two piece, guitar and drums. There are other various instruments throughout the album, but no bass. What do you all think of this?
Have mercy. this is my first post.
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There is a slight refresh thing going on with the first link I posted, yet I only see it sometimes. Forgive me.
posted by folktrash at 4:28 PM on June 28, 2002

I think I will be loving Redd Kross long after I forget about the White Stripes. I think it was a cool idea tho.
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In case there is any doubt, I think this is a good link. ^_^
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Awww - thank you thirteen.

To babble on... what I found most interesting about the two tracks available for download right now (same boy you've always known & union forever) was how he respected the existing song, and played with it.

I kind of expected him to play over it. I must admit - what he did on the breakdown of union was a little strange, but I think I like it.
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Although I am generally down with Redd Kross, this seems me rather like deciding that what Morphine really needed was a guitarist -- in other words, kind of missing the point. I just hope nobody gets the bright idea to do the same thing to the Spinanes.
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I didn't get the feeling that it was this guys' inention to state that the stripes need bass. I took it more like a musical experiment kinda. I've never heard of Redd Kross before this tho.

Um, yeah, and morphine totalty rocks. french fries and pepper please.
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Thanks, jjg, for summing it up. Some things are better left unstated.
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i almost posted this yesterday. however, after listening to the tracks, i passed. i thought his additions were dreadful and i didn't want to spoil anyone's first hearing of the Stripes.

though i appreciate what Steve McDonald is trying to do--the idea of it--i thought he made a mess of the tracks i heard, particularly The Union Forever, which (originally) had a great segment where Meg taps the drumsticks and Jack sings (sans guitar). McDonald added one of the worst bass lines i've ever heard under Jack's chanting. i literally shreiked when i heard it.

anyone who wants to hear "The White Stripes with Bass" should check out The Von Bondies, a four piece from Detroit. Jack White produced their first record and it sounds great.

fine link though, folktrash.
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Just want to say Morphine's "You speak my language" kicks ass.

Great link folktrash.
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I haven't been able to take them seriously since I saw this.

Damn hillbillies!
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This is sort of off-topic, but can anyone tell me what the hell kind of guitar it is that Jack White plays? I didn't recognize it by sight (not that I'm a human guitar encyclopedia), and I couldn't dig up this info online...
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Monkeymeat: it's a Montgomery Ward "Airline" guitar.
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jjg- let me be the third to say thanks for bringing up Morphine.

Buena, Buena, brother.
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Is it possible to download the other tracks, or just the "current" ones?
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Succa, more info is here.
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Thanks, MrBaliHai.
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hmmm. has anyone tried this with The Doors?
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Lots of Doors tracks have bass I believe, they just don't have a non-session bassist.
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This site was mentioned in Entertainment Weekly last week. Say what you will about the sound, but the guy did it to get tickets to a sold-out show and it worked.

Also, get it right: "All Your Way" by Morphine is as good as it gets.
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So is this guy a long-lost brother, or what? </troll>
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to those responsible for invoking the spinanes and morphine in the same thread, i say "amen."
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Check Ze Malibu Kids for a better taste of Redd Kross ca. 2002.
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Thanks toddshot...I was thinking the exact same thing, and am glad to have a transcript.
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