Didn't see that comin'!
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She seems to have an invisible tooth, yeah
She opens up, grabs right hold of you hard
She seems to have an invisible tooth, yeah
It takes control and quickly tears you apart
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The transparent teeth are nanostructured, resulting in reduced Rayleigh scattering

Today I learned what Rayleigh scattering refers to, but I can't help but think they also meant R'yleh scattering.
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“I would see a mysterious light source toward which I would be attracted,” Meyers says describing the prey’s final moments. “Suddenly, I would be trapped and pierced.”

A Friday night in Greenwich Village circa 1978 for me.
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Jeez, thanks for the nightmare fuel.
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The teeth are interesting -- and good grief did they ever do a tremendous amount of work on them; they set a standard very few other papers are likely to meet, I'd think -- but this fish also emits red light, which is amazing. I can't think of another animal that does that -- and its teeth look fluorescent in the 'red light' video, though I presume that's some kind of artifact.
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That is completely awesome, thank you for sharing.
posted by mordax at 10:11 AM on June 6

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