"Corporate sleaze carves into our trust,"
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"Corporate sleaze carves into our trust," says Dan Gilmore of the San Jose Mercury News. Sheer greed, not CIA meddling, may indeed be the motive. NameBase investigates the social networks of these perps in Lies, Damned Lies, and Enron. "It appears that unlike the BCCI scandal, there are no major spook connections with Enron. What we have here, apparently, is an assortment of talented wheelin', dealin', cheatin' Texas oil cowboys. "
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Dan Gillmor; John Gilmore. I have a hard time keeping them straight, too.
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Darn tootin'.
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I feel like I'm being continually kicked in a place I've been kicked a whole lot already -- it's agonizing. So what happens if it keeps up and a backlash develops against the stock market? Yer average small-time player might get fed up, yank his money and put it in gold or just a CD, but a lot of us whose 401(k)s are tied into mutual funds would still be stuck and at the mercy of this kind of financial fuckery. What percentage of the stock market is represented by individual investors as opposed to mutuals and other companies? The answer would be a rough index of how big the backlash is likely to be.

I wish the SEC would get off its collective fat ass and actually send some of these sons of bitches to prison, but it's such a case of the foxes guarding the henhouse (it seems especially so given the tone of the current Administration) that, horrifying as it is to contemplate, we're getting to a point where we read "latest stock scandal," yawn, blink, and move right along to the sports page.

The ghosts of 1929 are probably laughing their butts off at us.
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The (corporate) terrorists have already won.
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