What's the collective noun for Meeples?
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The 45th Annual Origins Game Fair kicks off in Columbus, Ohio this Wednesday. Inaugurated in 1975 as the Origins International Game Expo in Baltimore, and initially focusing on large scale wargaming, the Convention has taken place in Columbus, Ohio since 1996 and was renamed Origins Game Fair in 2007. Origins is second only to Gen Con in size with almost 20,000 attendees in 2018. While Gen Con might be considered the darling of the industry, with more premiere issues and far more attendees overall, Origins still enjoys the participation of a large number of game publishers.

The convention also includes social deduction games, pencil and paper gaming, miniatures gaming, a group that takes train games very VERY seriously, a full sales floor, and much more besides. Minimal focus on pop culture, actors, comic books etc except insofar as they may be incorporated into games, although the potential for cosplay goes up exponentially with each passing day.

The concurrence of Columbus Pride weekend with the Con in recent years just makes everything that much more colorful.
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I am heading down tomorrow from Central Ontario for my 5th straight year and I positively CANNOT WAIT * bounce bounce bounce *.
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I'm still embarrassed for them for nominating Knizia's 2000 game Stephenson's Rocket, which is about trains in 1829 England, for "best sci fi board game".
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A settlement of meeples.
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Surely a colony. A colony of meeples.
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A pandemic of meeples?

... I'll see myself out.
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Weren't GenCon and Origins merged at one point?
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Weren't GenCon and Origins merged at one point?

I did not know this until I was composing the post but per The Wikipedia they have co-showed twice, in 88 and 92.

I have never done GenCon but from what I hear it's a panic of bodies. At this point I understand origins, know where the good food is, and know how to cross the street when the pride parade is on, so I think I will stick with #2.
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Origins rocks for wargming. I've been to four over the years; all were joyous experiences.
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It's been 20 years since I've been to Origins, and it's only two hours away. It is usually the same weekend as our neighborhood festival or my Canadian fishing trip. However this time it's a week later and my wife also leaves for Costa Rica Wednesday. Hmm...
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Word of warning: our local tow-truck drivers (Shamrock in particular) are super-aggressive about yanking vehicles. Particularly in the Short North area. So if you are driving in you might want to park in a garage or else take a Lyft/Uber down to it.

If you've got the time, Gahanna has the Creekside Blues and Jazz Festival this weekend (US 62 and I270 Friday and Saturday), and Worthington has their Art Fest (SR 161 & SR 315 Saturday Sunday).

Oh, and it's Orange Barrel Season here in Cowtown, like it is every month. Plan accordingly.
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Oh, we love Origins - we're in GA, so it's a bit of a drive, but we try to make it every other year or so. It's lowkey and relaxing, not a crush of people like DragonCon or GenCon (I only went once).

They used to have a really fun craft track, and have less of that now, but still have some chain mail/leatherwork type classes, which are fun.
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If turns are long, the collective noun is a pyramid.
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Meeple is the collective - the singular is Merson.
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Surely a baggie of meeples?
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A rosenberg of meeples obviously.
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