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Françoise Gilot, 97, Does Not Regret Her Pablo Picasso Memoir Gilot, an artist in her own right, does not regret the (at the time) controversial book she wrote about her 10 years with Picasso. To be republished this year, she had a few words to share with the NYTimes - all of them on point.

More of Gilot here (video), here and here.
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I am currently thinking about Iris Barry and her role in a certain someone's life which sounds fairly analogous. This was an excellent introduction to Gilot's work. Thank you for sharing it!
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We may not all get the opportunity to be a Picasso. We do, however, get the chance to be good to one another. The latter is the greater achievement.
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What a pleasurable interview to read--there is something so serene about her sense of conviction, it's very calming. Personal philosophical goals, indeed.
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FG: Painting is about painting.

TLF: But I’m not a painter.

FG: I know, but that’s very important.
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This interview reminded me of conversations from first dates that didn't go very well.
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Oh wow, Toddles, you weren't kidding--all of her comments are on point and dang, lots of them are sick burns. Conversations from first dates that didn't go very well indeed!

I had heard of Françoise Gilot, I think in an exhibit highlighting "Picasso's Women" (ugh), but didn't know about her memoir or her amazing art. Those monotypes are gorgeous.
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Great interview. In that, those are the kind of questions I would have asked too.

Nice to read the nuanced separation of remorse from regret. I have both, and it is nice to get a sense of what is what so I can deal with it.
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