The vernacular architecture of Africa
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The vernacular architecture of Africa (architecture built out of local materials and using traditional construction techniques) is very diverse. People build with what materials are locally available, and this varies due to what area of Africa it is. Click on a country icon to view the diversity and beauty of African vernacular architecture.
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This is an amazing resource for architects, designers and researchers. Thanks for posting.
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I absolutely love the architecture from Mali. It's such a distinct and appealing aesthetic.
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This is great.
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What a cool project;thanks for posting.
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I highly recommend Basabose Studio of Kinshasa, DRC and Johannesberg, SA
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I love this. Out of all of Africa, I've only been to Egypt, and then only to Hurghada. But I have spent a fair amount of time on various Pacific Islands and there is a similarly remarkable variety in vernacular architecture there.
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What a great resource! When I travelled through Africa in 2000, visiting 11 countries, I saw many of these styles and I loved noticing all the differences. It brings back a lot of memories to browse through the pictures.
This will keep me busy for a while, thanks for posting!
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This is lovely! Skeps for people! some similar very early "American" styles.
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This is wonderful!
To anyone as excited by this as I am- you may enjoy the excellent but hard to find book Architecture Without Architects.
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FanTAStic. Thank you, agents of KAOS! I plan to share this out with my fellow teachers who are linked with our school initiatives in Ghana & Rwanda. It's stuff like this that makes me so love MetaFilter! (But not ONLY stuff like this. :o) Thanks again!
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I love this! A wonderful resource indeed, highlighting the diversity of housing and built culture in Africa.

I love vernacular architecture not just for its unique insight into the people, culture, and climate of an area, but for its potential application for many other parts of the world as we seek relief from an overheating world. This article does a good job of illustrating how people in hot arid places like the Middle East have minimized the sun's effects by the use of building materials (like in the Tunisia picture from the link), building placement (like the Mali link), and structural features like wind towers or vent placement. There is so much need for passive cooling and the structures we have in the United States are wholly reliant on air conditioning, which just accelerates climate chaos.
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Oh, this is wonderful! I grew up on books like the one Adridne above mentions - Architecture Without Architects - but at some point realized the title was just wrong. Of course these were architects; it just that a western tradition denied them that appellation.
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