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"Friends and heartthrobs of the past, future, and present: where I am now, the temperature has begun its slow climb, and summer is preparing its eviction notice for all the gentle breezes and drives with windows down and the incessant joyful choir of birds. We will soon have to settle for less pleasing aesthetics of romance. Sweat becomes romantic because it will happen whether or not I want it to, and I’ve got to make the best of it." Hanif Abdurraqib's Notes on Pop in The Paris Review: On Whitney Houston, On Summer Crushing
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Oh, this is great, thank you! I always enjoy Hanif's writing, and his recent tweets about adopting a dog named Wendy are very heartwarming.
posted by wicked_sassy at 9:08 AM on June 12, 2019

Love this:

I have been known to take everything as a sign, even if I am lying to myself. That’s part of the fun.
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Oh, this is great. So lovely.

One of the best things I read about crushing, I read about here on metafilter. It's this comment by Don Pepino.
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Oh what a fun read. I need to get me a summer crush.
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Love Hanif's writing so much, and this was no exception! Thank you for posting.
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