You may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist's
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Where we are in 2019 - a view of the current set of spacecraft in our solar system and beyond, courtesy of The Planetary Report.
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Where we are

per the DNA quote in the title, you missed an opportunity to use "The story so far". :)
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That is a great diagram. Thanks so much for this!
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Excellent diagram although takes itself just a tad too seriously, where's the red Tesla?

Where's Roadster?

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Related in the news today (and maybe one to add to the chart) - Apollo 10’s “Snoopy” Lunar Lander May Have Been Found in Space
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Emily Lakdawalla’s book
The Design and Engineering of Curiosity was a great layman’s read if you’re interested in a good narrative of what’s going on up there.
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On a similar theme is A little info and links about every extant spaceprobe in the system.
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Kirk unit?
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This is great and planetary evangelist Emily Lakdawalla is great.

I know it's been quite a while since they've been in contact, but I'd love to see Pioneers 10 and 11 included here.
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