“Say that again, Kashamshan? That’s adorable, man.”
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For Pride month, five queer-focused fictions — by queer authors and/or about queer characters — translated from Arabic that you can read online. Authors include Muhammad Abdelnabi, Mortada Gzar, Sahar Mandour, Alexandra Chreiteh, Amahl Khouri and Raji Bathish.
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Nice find, thanks for sharing! And happy first post!
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Thanks for sharing!
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Oh man, Amahl Khouri's "She He Me" is good but hard but good. Thanks for posting this.
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Thanks for this! Between In the Spider's Room and Always Coca-Cola, my to-read list just got longer.
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Oh cool, thanks. Adding ArabLit.org to my feed too.
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Flagged as Fantastic. I would never have run into any of these pieces in my own wandering around, and they're so good. Thanks so much!
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thank you all for your kind words. I'm pleased that so many enjoy the piece!
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