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"Now I want to hear 'All Star but it's a Madrigal' or 'All Star but it's a 40-part motet composed in the style of Thomas Tallis.'" TheWhiteSkull, Feb. '18. Ask, and it shall be given you.
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I am FURIOUS at how much I love this and how well done it is.
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Reference to Thomas Morley's "Fire, Fire, My Heart" at bars 63–65.
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Hey now
You're a Tallis scholar
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That's really nicely done.
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That is amazing and is undoubtedly going to be a vicious earworm.

So now I'm contemplating who to inflict it on.
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This is great. The hey nonnys are obligatory and yet also the frosting on the cake.

Just for contrast, so everyone knows how not guaranteed pop choral arrangements are to end well...
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So crisp and refreshing, brilliant!
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Absolutely gorgeous - both the arrangement and the performance.
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A perfect gift to any Medievalist in your life!
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Paging Thomas Tallis Is My Homeboy. Thomas Tallis Is My Homeboy, please come to the white courtesy phone.
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This is super silly and also is this a thing? Follow-along sheet music YouTube? I'm a real sucker for harmonies and sightreading and this could be for real my jam for relaxation times.
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Now do "One Week" by the Barenaked Ladies. I'll start:

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Well, sumer is ycumen and it won't stop ycumen
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We also need madrigals of "Africa", "Take On Me", and especially "Never Gonna Give You Up".
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Don't tell Neil.
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Sorry snofoam I already did
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That was lovely. In trade, can I offer Black Hole Sun, as sung by Friederike Bayer on the German Voice?
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Thanks, I'm mad that I don't hate it.
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Years ago my choir commissioned and performed a madrigal version of "Bad Romance." I'll have to see if I still have the recording.
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oh god Never Gonna Give You Up would be a great madrigal I might have to do this
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Dammit, I woke up with this as an earworm today! Arrrrrrrrrrrgh!
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