P!nk the border collie goes fast
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I gasped out loud when that pup jumped into her arms at the end. So good.
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Like a furry torpedo.
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That is one happy dog, getting to do something it loves. And yes, the jump into her arms is great.

But my favorite "agility" videos are always the weirdos and failures, like that one super slow mastiff or the dogs that pick their own path through the obstacles. In a high school movie, they would be the ones sneaking out to the trail behind the school to get stoned, not the high achiever in chess club.
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Oh that's a good good dog.

Though like Dip Flash, this type gets my Awwws a-fluttering.
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The trick, which Pink manages, is to accomplish this without having to resort to panting.
(I believe that dogs - or particularly some dogs such as huskies - can comfortably outclass humans and horses in terms of VO2 max levels - not sure how border collies score on this).
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I needed that. Thanks!
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My partner used to do agility training for years. It takes massive amounts of time and patience, so well done to both of them. (We currently have a kelpie that has that same intense stare - and drive to work. But Pink is on another level of awesomeness!)
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OH my god that leap at the end into the arms and the look on the face ahhhhh i'm dying
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It is work ethic developed to a point to which we can only aspire. Work dogs look fully awake only when they have work. They look fulfilled. Well, in the case of border collies, fulfilled and having just done way too much cocaine, but the principle remains.
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That is one happy border collie. Those dogs are built to Do Things. My friends would sometimes take care of a border collie and it would just push a ball at you and wait. Then you'd throw it and the collie would get it, bring the ball back, push it at you and wait again. I used a special dog brainwave translator to figure out what the collie was thinking and the result was:

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And some dogs treat it more like a fashion show catwalk.
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Olly the Jack Russell Terrier nails it. Yanno... sort of.
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It is work ethic developed to a point to which we can only aspire.

Yep. I've long believed that border collies are inherently Calvinist.
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I think the handlers need to be as fit as the dogs, so it always seemed to me that the best agility choice for a more sedentary owner would be a bulldog, until I saw this a few months ago.
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pangolin party, thanks for that. Rudy the Bulldog is amazing.
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Why am I crying? Why did this get me right in the feels? Maybe it's my two senior dogs at my feet, maybe it's volunteering at my local shelter and having dogs who are too scared to even go for a walk, maybe it's just because my brain immediately starts babbling baby talk when I see a good dog like this. Last night as I was about to turn onto my street I saw a big dog with two folks walking and said out loud "what a good dog! such a good dog!" and then realized that I'm that kind of crazy dog lady, because I definitely believe that dog knew that I said it as I was driving past and felt happy to be noticed. I think P!nk knows I said it while watching too.
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what a good girl.
I have some wetness in my eyes too, it was that last jump into her owner's arms, I think.
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I think we saw Pink's first triumph last year but I can't find it.

Here it is on YouTube though, starting at 1:14, in case my link doesn't take you there, but I recommend watching it from the beginning anyway to get an idea of the formidable competition.

Before her run, the (same, I think?) commentators point out that Pink at 3 years is considered a bit young for this, and if anything she does seem a little more excited, and I think the love between dog and human comes through even more clearly.
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That dog is having SO MUCH FUN.
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Yup. It’s confirmed. Still hate conformation dog show stuff. Absolutely love agility competitions! They’re all having fun!
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Thanks for posting that link from last year, jamjam, it's lovely to see the P!nks development over the year.
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I love how the cameras can barely keep up. That dog has a serious case of the zoomies.
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I got to the jump at the end and also just burst into tears and I’m like “WHAT IS HAPPENING.” I love me a happy dog!
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We stan an agility queen!
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I started following dog agility because a friend of mine got into it. Trudi was the first dog he ever handled. He'd never done agility before.

Fast forward 6 years or so.-->Trudi got 3rd place that day against Pink.

It's an amazing sport!
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Oh, and it looks like Trudi had a competition today, too!
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my absolute favorite example of all time...

look at this good dog GO

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