A leisurely 40 minute downhill ride
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Megavalanche 2018 SLYT that is all
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What I most enjoy about this is how there's no music. Too often these types of videos have some annoying ass music played over top. This was fun. Thanks for sharing.
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That is the most video game like video I've seen that isn't a video game. Like in my mind when they would transition from snow to dirt and dirt to grass, I'd think "STAGE COMPLETE!"
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"Oh cool, that downhill ski run bike racing on snow looks like fun. Man... I'd try that in a second. Oh, wait... rocks?.. BOULDERS?.. 35 more minutes of... YIKES! No thanks!" But what a run. Thanks.
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That hardly looks like a bike he's on, it seems to be literally flying over some of those boulders. A-and where the hell are they anyway? I want a 40 minute downhill run!
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It seems like he or his team must have done some good scouting of the route. He makes some really smart (it seems) choices in the beginning, and navigates with purpose and certainty.
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L'Alpe D'Huez, famous as a ski resort and epic site of Tour De France stage finishes
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Idunno, that looks kinda dangerous.

I'd love to do it, though. Not in 40 minutes, mind, maybe three hours.
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Having to slog back up to the top to collect the trophy must be hell though.
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I got stuck on hold with a dumb airline today and this was the perfect accompaniment, thank you!
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Last summer I was at Schweitzer Mountain for a company party. One of the things we could do was mountain bike down some trails. On the ski lift up I looked at the switchbacks and they seemed really manageable, so I thought "hey why not" and got a bike.

I made it down one and a half switchbacks before noping out and carrying (!!) my bike back up the mountain. It turns out that when you are going downhill on a dirt path, your brakes don't actually work - they just make you slide. No thank you very much!
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My eyeballs are dry from fear of blinking.
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Nice overtaking etiquette at 7:20.
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See also Rémy Métailler on this ridiculous urban downhill track through Medellín in the 2018 Medellín Challenge -- about 20 seconds in is where things start to get scary. [previously]
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It can't be that hard, it's all downhill.
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THANKS allkindsoftime, that was epic! Seen on widescreen, close up, it was exhilarating, and exhausting just to watch. It made the wilderness hike I came back from today seem pretty puny.
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That was great. I'm not sure what it says about me that in the time it took him to finish the race, all I finished was a Diet Coke and a chocolate chip cookie.
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A. fuck, I love this

B. ... I'll get back to you in 39 minutes or so.
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Distinct lack of avalanches tho'
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B. ... I'll get back to you in 39 minutes or so.

make that 9.5 hours.

What a ride! I love how seldom he looked back, and some of those level and uphill parts where pedaling became necessary -- from the barely controlled chaos of near free fall to genuinely feeling the muscle pain (sort of).

And rather randomly, the perfect soundtrack ended up being WAR, straight outa LA.
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and because I had to know more. From the wiki:

Megavalanche (nicknamed "Mega") is a downhill mountain bike race held annually at the Alpe D'Huez ski resort in the French Alps since 1995.

The Alps event, being the more widely publicized and famous among downhill cycling enthusiasts, starts on the glaciated summit of Pic Blanc in Huez and descends to the valley bottom at Allemond, for a total of over 2,600 vertical meters (8530 feet) and a 20 km (12 miles) distance.

The mass-start race is known for its fast speeds and winding turns over varying terrain, with hundreds of riders descending the mountain at once. Despite the inherent dangers, officials state that injuries are modest, and that the race is less dangerous than it may seem to outsiders. The course is designed to slow the riders down around tight curves and the width of the glacier at the race's start line allows the riders to spread out.[2]

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I really enjoyed watching and not riding every inch of that run
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How do they DO that? Ride over loose gravel without skidding and turning into human hamburger?!
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That... wow. I have a bicycle. I ride my bicycle.

I have never, ever had a bike ride like that...

I'm with spindrifter. That was excellent to watch; my stomach curdled at several points.
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The rider, Damien Oton, broke his back in, guess what, a cycling accident, about 3 weeks ago. Looks like his spirits are unbowed, though.
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This race had a crash and huge pile-up at the first obstacle, the videos are nuts (no serious injuries reported).
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