I realize this analysis may shock many of you
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they're good dog brent
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I was already loving this and then absolutely lost it at "Now, let’s compare this with Dirk Nowitzki’s Piss Chart"
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I am not a huge basketball fan, and so I thought I might be missing a reference.

Just explaining to anyone who might be surveilling my internet usage why "Dirk Nowitzki’s Piss" is in my search history.
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Please report back with how your banner ads change
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This is hilarious!

Don't ask why, but I have watched one of the later entries in the franchise, about volleyball this time. As I recall, Buddy doesn't actually do any playing of the volleyball, but serves more as a life coach in that one. Maybe the writers finally got on board with the advanced stats.

Wish the author had called them Buddymetrics, come to think of it.
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I, too, lost it at "piss chart". God, but I love overanalyzing the banal (especially in furtherance of satire).
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He's still a good boy.
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I will point out that Gus the mule was truly awesome at kicking field goals.
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You guys are leaving out the basketball-playing elephant in the room: Dirk Nowitzki has an empty piss chart, but Draymond Green doesn't.
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Man, I know a dog can't really play basketball. Why do you have to ruin my dreams?
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There is nothing in the rues that says people and non-people who are terrible at basketball can't play basketball.
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Are we acknowledging the shared-universe sequels where Air Bud's puppies the Air Buddies speak English and prevent warlocks from opening portals to hell with the use of tactical farts?
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22 years and I still can't get over his little fuckin' shoes.
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Not only that, I hear he only reads at a sixth grade level .
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It’s true, Draymond Green secretes an above-league-average amounting urine while posting up on the right block.
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That was a lot of words for a truly brilliant take-down of The Golden State Warriors...
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You stand down, sir. You stand down right now.

Let's see LeBron drain shots with half a leg missing.


In 1997, Buddy had his right hind leg amputated due to synovial cell sarcoma, a type of cancer that manifests near the joints, although he was still able to shoot hoops.

Six months later Air Buddy died in his sleep due to complications from cancer on February 10, 1998, at his owner's San Diego home. At the time of his death, Buddy was 9 years old. Buddy was a month away from celebrating his 10th birthday. Air Bud: Golden Receiver was dedicated to his memory.
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So a feel good story, then
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Analytics are fine, but the eye test, man, THE EYE TEST! There are no numbers for a high motor, for hustling to loose balls, for doing the finer things that can't be tracked! He may not have the numbers for your spreadsheets, man, but in this locker room, he is our heart and soul! TAKE THAT FOR DATA!
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You guys are leaving out the basketball-playing elephant in the room: Dirk Nowitzki has an empty piss chart, but Draymond Green doesn't.

This explains Draymond's crotch whacking. He is just trying to help other players get into the flow even though they are the other team. A true sportsman!
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I reject this attempt to make Air Bud into Air Dud.
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James Boswell, in The Life of Samuel Johnson:
I told him I had been that morning at a meeting of the people called Quakers, where I had heard a woman preach. Johnson: "Sir, a woman's preaching is like a dog's walking on his hind legs playing a strong zone defense. It is not done well; but you are surprised to find it done at all."
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And now let's do a football-type analysis of Air Bud's concussion injuries.
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There's no rule that says a dog can't suck at basketball.
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Notice they don't make these movies with a cat. That's because a cat would straight up humiliate all those kids then sit there casually cleaning it's crotch in front of all of them while the ref calls a Technical for taunting.

The can't don't care.
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I think this more mocks basketball commentary than a dog’s basketball prowess. Still funny.
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The marvel is not that the dog plays basketball well, but that the dog plays basketball at all.
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Let's see him go up against Larry BIRD omgomgomg lololol pfffffart
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The puppies spin offs hit Netflix about the same time my parenting standards relaxed out of desperate need. For a time, I watched these movies at least once a day, in both that ambient way and also in a "what is this horror" way.

At first, it was awful. In an Air Bud movie, there's one dog. Its distinguishing attribute? Being a dog. (Which also plays sports.) When there's five of them, the dogs are no longer immediately identifiable, so they each got their own stereotype: Zen dog, rapper dog, dirty dog, hungry dog, and... girl dog.

Once you get past the absurdity of the dogs, you start to get into the absurdity of the plots: at first, people want to kidnap the dogs to breed their own sports playing dogs. Fine. Let's say this is a future where teams of identical looking golden retrievers are put out and play sports to the general confusion of everyone watching. But as we're discussing, Air Bud was not Olympic material, and his kids are even less so.

From here on, the Air Buddies: compete in a sled dog race (Snow Buddies), go to space (Space Buddies), help Santa's dog find the meaning of Christmas (Santa Buddies), fight aforementioned warlock and the forces of evil (Spooky Buddies), some sort of Egypt set movie which sounds hella racist and Netflix didn't pay for (Treasure Buddies), and Super Buddies, a.k.a. Dog Avengers.

The fact that there's seven of these movies (from the makers of MVP: Most Valuable Primate and its two extreme sports sequels) makes the world a stranger place.

Of all the terrible Netflix children's programming, I think the only more absurd is the cartoon remake of Romeo and Juliet for little ones, with all characters portrayed as seals, musical bits and a happily ever after ending.
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I keep coming across all the XYZ Buddies movies at the library and thinking “Nobody could possibly be checking these out, maybe they’re weeders...” but NO. Huge circ. Who is checking these out? What the hell? I guess I blame Paw Patrol.
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Who is checking these out? What the hell? I guess I blame Paw Patrol.

The last of the seven Air Buddies movies was released in the same month that Paw Patrol premiered. They were plenty successful on their own. Kids love puppies, and these movies were very carefully designed to appeal to kids.
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Who is checking these out?

Exhausted parents who want to take an hour's nap on the couch.

Or, 5-year-olds who stole their parents' library cards while their parents were sleeping on the couch.
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Surely the real Dog Avengers were Krypto's Space Canine Patrol Agents?
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