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Yardsley. Or she may possibly have punctured her tire—that would delay her fifteen or twenty minutes. Don’t worry, my dear boy. I showed her how to fix a punctured tire all right. It’s simple enough—you take the rubber thing they give you and fasten it in that metal thingumbob, glue it up, poke it in, pull it out, pump her up, and there you are.

Bradley (with a mock sigh of relief). You don’t know what a load you’ve taken off my mind.
For its 40th episode, The Wheel Friends (FB, Patreon)recreates The Bicyclers, the epitome of bicycle based comedy in 1896
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It's hard to tell how much of this comedy was coming from the context or the delivery back in the day. Still it's fascinating to be reminded of the days when velocipeding was a faddish diversion. I wonder if anyone foresaw that driving would become a humdrum chore while people like me would still feel a thrill from seeming to fly along the road on a bicycle.

And I would love to have a ki-yi gun to squirt ammonia at motorists insisting on interfering with me. 120 years and that problem's not gotten any better.
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