A choir of potatoes sings
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Also related.
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This reminds me of the road trip songs we would listen to as kids. Specifically, this one.
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I'm a bit over these mashups
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My name is Potato.
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That is my new favorite song. Love potatoes.
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Cheryl Wheeler is a national treasure.
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I heard her describe her creative process once, which was something along the lines of "I was out walking one day and suddenly knew that I needed to write a song about potatoes." Perfection ensues.

I can get an eye roll going in any of my kids with just the first syllable, too.
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Here are another 7 songs on the same subject!
Potatoes are Cheaper - Tomatoes are Cheaper Now's the Time to Fall in Love (Ahora es Tiempo de Amar) *Popular Music*
All That Meat and No Potatoes *Popular Music*
The Hot Potato *Instrumental*
Pass the Meat--Pass the Potatoes *Vocal*
Sweet Potato Piper *Film*
The Hot Potato *Instrumental*
Pass the Meat--Pass the Potatoes *Vocal*
Sweet Potato Piper *Film*
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We love almost everything about Cheryl Wheeler. Almost everything.
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