And you can hug a deer, a long term ambition of mine
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"Spiritfarer looks like utterly magical heartbreak" (short sl Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
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So pumped for this release. It looks beautiful and like a place I want to just hangout and spend time exploring every nook and cranny.
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Another indie title featuring deer announced at e3 I really liked the look of was Way to the Woods (yt trailer), though unfortunately for me it looks like xbox has locked up at least a timed exclusivity on console.
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"I really liked the look of" --> "I really liked the look and music of"
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That looks really cool too, juv3nal! Maybe more of a puzzler than I'm interested in playing but I'm trying to get into Let's Plays and that looks like a prime candidate.
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I didn't get to watch the whole Microsoft E3 conference when it first aired so I completely missed this trailer until I rewatched a bunch of it. I was slightly intrigued until the "learn how to say goodbye" part, at which point I looked up the game on Steam and read the first sentence of the description:

Spiritfarer is a cozy management game about dying.

At which point a whole lot of things I saw from the trailer suddenly took on added meaning. I knew then and there that a) I'd have to play this, because cozy management games are lovely, and b) I will almost certainly be a blubbering, emotional wreck by the end of the game. I tread dangerously close to Courtney Watches Wall-E Trailer territory thinking about Spiritfarer.
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Just take my damn money already!

I've been sucked back into the capitalistic hellscape of Animal Crossing. I need a way out please and this looks like just the ticket. But windows only? sigh.
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In Stardew Valley, you can punch a capitalist right in the nose! Or not, if you prefer to settle things non-violently.
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It has very strong Stardew Valley vibes. Showed this to my partner and she squeed a bit, it definitely looks like it's something we'll be picking up further down the road.
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Honestly, I am looking forward to this. SDV is a few years old now, and nothing else really comes close. Sorry HM/AC fans, SDV is really just that much better, at least for me. Story-driven games with great art and music are my jam, I guess. I'll get back to Sunless Skies in the meantime.
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If you want a game that's out right now that has some similar charm, beautiful non-violent exploring, and a tiny bit of farming, I really enjoyed Yonder: the Cloud Catcher Chronicles.
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Honestly, I am looking forward to this. SDV is a few years old now, and nothing else really comes close.

You might consider checking out Graveyard Keeper, it has a similar vibe only you "farm" in much different ways. ;-)
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This looks like it's not played in 1st person perspective!! Woo!! Already it shoots to the top of my list. I have issues with migraines and vertigo and it's not easy to find a good, immersive game that I can look at on my computer for more than 5 minutes.
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and I too have always wanted to hug a deer.
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