Hack the planet! Err, Moon.
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Hack the Moon tells the remarkable story of the engineers behind the revolutionary technologies developed for the Apollo missions. Explore newly released photos, videos and stories about the unsung heroes behind the moon landing. In the face of epic challenges, and with a fraction of today’s technology these are the people who hacked the moon. Part of NASA's 50th Anniversary of Apollo celebration.
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Oh hey it's the company I work for. The Apollo anniversary has been a huge deal all year here - our atrium now has a mini-museum and starting next month there's going to be a full-motion simulator set up to experience the "final 100 seconds" of the landing. There's some info on that site (here). If you stop by the office, let me know and I'll come say hi!
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I guess I should have also mentioned that we're still at all that space stuff! We're doing a lot of work on guidance, navigation, and control (GNC) systems for the ISS Comercial Resupply program, Dreamchaser, and providing similar support for commercial space companies like Blue Origin.

We were also selected as one of the commercial partners that's going back to the moon.
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I can't wait to explore this more but, wow, is it hard to navigate.
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Hack the Moon

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The BBC podcast series "Thirteen Minutes to the Moon" is really good!
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It's was a great technological feat, going from barely being able to orbit the Earth, to landing on the Moon, in eight years. All the while, the USA was going through huge culture and societal upheavals.

Fantastic example of what humanity is capable of when working for the same goal/purpose.
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