Rube Goldberg steps back for a three.... it's good!
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2-D Trick Shots — a few marbles (one orange), a few woodblock magnets, some K'nex pieces, and a "net" made of buckyball magnets, all set in motion on top of a tilted magnetic whiteboard. [SLYT, 2:16]
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Oh my. That is satisfying.
posted by chasles at 7:32 PM on June 20

so much fun to watch
posted by theora55 at 7:48 PM on June 20

Mind: blown.
posted by kinnakeet at 7:49 PM on June 20

How many times does it take to finally get things lined up for the successful shot?
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also looks like the person created one of the funnest line riders I've seen in a long long time out of Grieg's The Hall of the Mountain King
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This made me very happy.
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At first, I was like whatever, but then I got treated to some serious rubegoldberging. Nice find.
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Daaaaamn. That one where the ball floats through the two rolling pieces is daaaaaamn.
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I don't get to say that often enough. Thank you.
(sneaks off to watch it again)
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pi-ta, go-ra, su-i, chi
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The best of the web (of trickshots).
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If you like these you may also enjoy Kaplamino.
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At first, I was like whatever, but then I got treated to some serious rubegoldberging. Nice find.

Yep. "pfft, you just figure out where the marble is going and then move the hoop to tha.....oooooooooh!!!"
posted by ian1977 at 11:28 AM on June 21

Oh man. Thank you for sharing. That was, well, perfect!
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