Where were you when time collapsed?
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Without the confines of linear time, the rain does not bother me. Out of habit I wear a raincoat, but when I’m soaked it’s not unpleasant — it just is, like everything now. It’s never cold or warm. It’s the perfect neutral temperature that so many years of climate control sought to obtain. I ride my bike under the laden clouds, along routes I’ve deemed to be safe: past the marina, where the moorings of boats both real and remembered moan and creak in the river’s sway; along one stretch of empty highway, where shimmering ghost houses teeter on knotweed hills, ghost children in their windows, ghost wives hanging laundry, ghost steelworkers forever climbing down rickety stairs to the mills. A short story by Tess Allard.
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How beautiful.
posted by sallybrown at 2:53 PM on June 27, 2019

It is such an evocative description of Pittsburgh - I recognized it immediately. And Pittsburgh is a city that does sometimes feel like all of its history exists together.
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I … I think I need to find someone to hug for a very long time now
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Lovely read. Sometimes I think sci-fi/speculative fiction is at its best in the form of a short story. Many thanks!
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Thank you so much! Wow. Sad, and thought provoking, but oh, such absolutely gorgeous use of language.
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If this appeals to you, you might want to watch A Ghost Story.
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Holy shit.

That’s all I got right now.
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What a piece of memory, all squashed flat. It is a little like being over invested in the web, where you can see millions of people reduced to two dimensions.
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Where's the future? The writing was ok. But I thought it lacked imagination. The times imagined precluded a future past the author's own life. Meh.
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I thought it was haunting and beautifully written.
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I thought the implication was that there was no future to be had.
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Or at the very least, there is no memory of the future, when it is memories that have imprinted themselves onto the earth.

Amazing and beautiful story, absolutely stunning ending. I don’t normally wish this about short stories, but I would love the right person to turn this into a short film. The narrator biking through insubstantial loops of memory and endless rain would be so amazingly cinematic.
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