Yeah, we know, it should have been called T. rex Necropsy
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Cretaceous Chainsaw Massacre! Four years ago, National Geographic aired a special called T. Rex Autopsy (YT, full "documentary"), and it was awesome. And bloody. (Washington Post) Bonus clips: T. rex: Behind the Build -- Check out the workshop, Crawley Creatures, with some of the designers and sculptors who created the massive T. rex; and The Gross Stuff | T.rex Autopsy: Behind the Scenes. And in case you missed it: Taking Dinosaur Temperatures with Eggshells (CalTech press release, October 13, 2015; full paper in Nature Communications).
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If you'd like to see the necropsied T Rex model in person, it's now at the Australian Museum.
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Oh, that's such a cool concept!
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This is going to be must watch (over and over) viewing for my dinosaurs-and-internal-organs fascinated five year old daughter.
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As an alum, I'm contractually obligated to point out that the "t" in "Caltech" should not be capitalized.
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