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Sly Fox, which has offices in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, is Louisiana’s only all-female detective agency, and its team is made up of women of different races from different backgrounds. The agency specializes in cases of child custody, infidelity, insurance fraud and workers’ compensation fraud, gathering evidence for clients ranging from everyday people to what Joseph calls “super lawyers” — attorneys who handle high-profile, multimillion-dollar lawsuits.

Sly Fox's owner and head investigator Brianne Joseph is a breast cancer survivor and author of Punk Azz Cancer, How Dare You!
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These women are cool. Like very cool. All I can do is day dream about fiction based on them now.
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"insurance fraud and workers’ compensation fraud"

very cool, sure.

everybody's got to pay the bills and keep the office running somehow, they're no worse than any agency of this type and I'm sure better than many. someone's going to get paid for stalking people for the insurance companies so they don't have to pay their settlements, better them than some guys aren't as smart and didn't work as hard for it. and probably the income from this shit is what makes the occasional human-interest child custody case even possible to take.

but look. following a woman around to prove she went out dancing so that her worker's comp claim gets denied -- yes, I'd rather these women make a living off it than basically anybody else who does this kind of thing. not like they could make a difference to the system by just choosing not to do it. I'd buy their memoirs. a good story, yes. but it isn't good work.

Joseph says while the individuals making claims in these cases usually are injured to some extent, it’s often not to the degree they claim. “They might be suing for $30 million, some crazy number, when it really should only be a $15,000 claim and they don't want to get off the bed for the rest of their life,” she says.

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