High Life
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Claire Denis's latest. In space. In English. Insane. Monte (Robert Pattinson) and his baby daughter, last survivors on a spaceship, hurtle to the oblivion of a black hole. Sounds simple, maybe depressing, maybe tense, right? Oh but it's so much more. Or maybe not. Or maybe not happening at all. Or it's the ultimate reduction of humanity's destiny, contained in a box for us to watch. For fans of all-things-Denis, Pattinson, or Binoche. Similar in feel to some 70s slow dystopian space-thingy. Think Tarkovsky, Silent Running, Man Who Fell To Earth crossed with Trouble Every Day, and/or Bastards.
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And it's got Andre 3000??? I'm in.
posted by saladin at 7:30 AM on July 5, 2019

Good luck seeing it. It came out months ago, has already closed, and, to my knowledge, isn't on any streaming service, including Criterion Channel.


In the hype of the trailer, someone wrote "I've never seen anything like it." This is exactly what I said after watching Borders, which is available on streaming services. (I watched it on Netflix.) See it.
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Good news! It's currently streaming on Amazon, but who's to say for how long?
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I saw it a few weeks back. It's a quiet, mesmerizing stunner. Much is left unsaid, waiting for you to figure it out, maybe well after the fact. Beautiful, cruel, sensual, sensitive.

A highlight of the genre of spaaaaaaaaaace maaaaaaadnessssssss.
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After hearing rapturous reviews, I saw it in the theatre and was greatly let down. I was never able to believe in the characters or care about the story. I found it clumsily scripted, cheap looking and without a coherent internal logic. I was a big fan of Denis' previous work, but this is the film I would expect if she teamed up with Roger Corman. I would not recommend it, especially to anyone with expectations of a film of the same calibre as Beau Travail. Oh, I didn't like the productions design, either. Or the dog spaceship.
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