The Black Psychiatrists of America
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The Forgotten Tale of How Black Psychiatrists Helped Make 'Sesame Street' - "The children's television show entranced preschoolers—and helped teach impressionable black kids."
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This story, and the story of gay psychiatrists changing the DSM give me a real respect for the power of MDs to make change for the good.
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This is a fantastic story, and despite being raised by psychologists in the 70's, I didn't know much about it. Thanks for posting!
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Fascinating, thanks for sharing.

I knew Big Bird had a secret agenda.
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Slight tangent - I was lucky to catch the magnificent Beverly Glenn-Copeland, who among other things composed music for the show, at a festival last year. It was a beautiful, beautiful performance, and I came away thinking: Sesame Street can save the world.

It probably can't, but thank you for reinforcing my view that at the very least, Sesame Street has made the world a better place.
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The BBC History Hour recently had an interview with Maria from Sesame Street (Sonia Manzano) that covered some of this as well. at 26.50mins in.
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This made me a little teary. I often brag about having a "Sesame Street" childhood and wanting one for my daughter. You can't be what you can't see, so thank you, gentlemen, for making interracial//intercultural friendships seem easy and natural.
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Seems like a good place to share the Sesame Street Tiny Desk Concert. You're welcome.
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