In Guatemala, Defending Land Can Be Deadly
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She defended her land against a mine in Guatemala. Then she fled in fear for her life.

Teresa Muñoz was riding her motorbike along her regular delivery route on a winding Guatemala road, carrying the homemade cheese she sold for a living, when she saw in her rearview mirror one of the white sedans that employees of the Escobal silver mine drove. Mining company cars had followed her before, but this time, the vehicle swerved. The driver rammed her motorbike, pitching her into the street, and then sped off. Muñoz was left bruised and scraped, convinced they’d meant to kill her.

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For years, Tahoe Resources argued that there were no Xinca people left in the communities surrounding the mine who would require any consultation.

“Due to all that genocide, you’re all dead. No, really. Dead, and we'll take that land. Sad, but what can one do?”
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