Marie Claire long reads on Women and Migration
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Marie Claire has a new series on women and migration, and to date has three long articles online: 1. Claudia Patricia Gómez González, an indigenous Guatemalan, was killed crossing the Mexico-U.S. border. Will her family ever get justice? // 2. What Happens to Victims of Domestic Violence Seeking Asylum in the United States? Trump’s calls for a border wall won’t make it harder for domestic violence survivors to find refuge in the U.S.—a new ruling is already doing that. Marie Claire goes to Tijuana to see what women fleeing abuse endure in seeking asylum. // 3. What Happened to the Nigerian Migrants Who Died on a Boat to Europe in November 2017? The news cycle moved on, but the town that became the final resting place for 26 migrant women has not forgotten them.
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I lived in Tijuana for 3 years in the early 90's as a volunteer for a non-religious, non-political non-profit. Pretty rare in TJ. Anyhow, another group that I worked alongside of was called Casa Del Migrante. I spoke with many migrants who had been sent back. If people understood their realities and the realities of the economy, I believe they'd be more sympathetic. More humanity less political fear mongering. I was there talking to a group of people, in Spanish, when a voice behind me said, in English "Where are you from?" I turned and told him I was from Chicago. "What part?" I told him the neighborhood. "I lived at X cross streets for the last 28 years," he said, "I got sent back here but my mom is up there. She's pretty old. I need to get back." There is such complexity revolving around the border. The US is trying to set a tack with a mallet.

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