Three more California futures
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Maybe California fails to adapt to climate change; maybe California will get desperate enough to try, and there will be a way. And afterwards, if life goes on, there will be different social stresses.

(The first two links are prognostication and jeremiad from a CA water policy wonk; the third is to a pair of novels. The post title was thinking of the Orange County Trilogy of novels. )
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Fascinating! Thanks for this.
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The second link... now that's vision of hope. It's been painfully obvious since the smoke filled summers of the last couple of years that our state needs to rethink completely how it works... How it distributes power and water. How it provides housing and public transportation. Much as been made of how our economy is something like the 6th largest in the world. Well, let's do something with that wealth to make it through this climate disaster. Turn all eyes to a renewable, carbon sequestering future, and make sure it doesn't cost the poor a cent. Aim for the stars and maybe we'll land back on a state that serves as a sanctuary and example for humanity.
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Yay, Carrie Vaughn!
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Oh those Carrie Vaughn novels look so good. I'm very interested in regional future novels and of course there's about a bazillion set in California (and relatively few in Minnesota) so I will add these to my list/collection.
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I've seen the Bannerless novels reviewed as dystopias, which startled me a *lot*, and I would enjoy mefite takes on it.
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