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I watched the Ken Burns Vietnam documentary on Netflix last winter, and while there's plenty of horror and blame to go around, I left with the 10000% certainty that Richard Nixon was a goddamn war criminal.
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"We learn nothing."

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The new book by Max Hastings called Vietnam: An Epic Tragedy is rather good and balanced on blame. He doesn't have a lot of good to say about Nixon and Kissinger...

New York Times Review
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This is probably about the time that my father's number came up. He'd been able to exempt himself for a few years because he was working for a military industry place, designing subs; but in early 1969 they cancelled that exemption. Somehow he and my mother found out that "well, us being married isn't an exemption because we don't have kids yet, but if we did..."

And so that is why I am about to be turning 50 next year instead of being about to turn 47 or something. The confirmation of my conception came after my father's number came up and while he was still waiting for notice of the date of his physical.

I learned when I was eight that I'd "saved" Dad like that, but it was presented as a miraculous coincidence instead of the planned thing it had been. Mom was terrified that if I found that out I'd think I wasn't really wanted. But on the contrary, my heart went out to them when I found that out - I saw my parents as a desperately young couple, terrified at the way the world was going mad, and hesitantly looking at each other and saying, "well, we knew we wanted kids someday, so...."

However, I also read about the kinds of things that my father didn't go through, and I admit that I feel a not insignificant amount of guilt.
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Good article, thursdaystoo .
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Once you get that way you tend to stay that way.

It's never over.
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