You can tell by the way I use my walk
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Take four minutes and twenty seconds out of your day to enjoy Buddha the obese cat receiving treadmill hydrotherapy—set to "Staying Alive." (You can hear the therapists encouraging him in the original video. Sadly, he passed away due to a congenital heart defect later that year.)

Youtube has many other examples of hydrotherapy for cats:
A weak kitten
Nazzanin, the turkish van
Morph the cat getting hydrotherapy treatment for his arthritis
Luna Attends Hydrotherapy
And because no post is complete without dogs: Underwater Treadmills Help To Heal Dogs
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the dog in the reflection has a funny expression, like "what the hey is going on here?"
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Four on the floor
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A pair of very cute fat kitties on the internet: Bruno and Carlo Bartlett. Bruno was adopted first after his humans submitted a video called Gimme That Fat Cat to Wright-Way Rescue along with their adoption application.
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h/t Fizz
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No deep-dive (pun intended) into water cats on YouTube is complete without my personal favorite, the news anchor who can't stop laughing at a cat swimming to lose weight. The way her voice breaks on "activities" gets me every time.
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All the cats here are adorable.
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I love how licking peanut butter off the glass is an integral part of the dog treadmill.
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Stay skinny cats.
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MetaFilter: Life goin' nowhere, somebody help me, yeah
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These are all good waterfluffs.
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does what it says on the tin and it’s the BEST TIN EVER OH MY GOD
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THIS is the content I am here for.
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Be careful: there is WET CAT BUTT near the end of the first video.
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Now I want a weak kitten
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this weekend I am going to see Wet Cat Butt play. I hear the opener is Weak Kitten. should be amazing!! \m/
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My little dog had a go on the water treadmill when recovering from knee surgery. She didn't get the Stayin' Alive walk so much as the movie hero look from a heist film or maybe a western. You know, when they are putting the team together and walking along (preferably in slow motion) with that look in their eyes that says, "Yes, I know some important shit is going down behind me but I've got more important things to do than turn around and watch."

That's when I saw that our little only lady has a bit of stone cold, No-Fucks-Given action hero stored up somewhere in her soul.

[also: Pet insurance rocks.]
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absolute unit
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An underwater treadmill actually sounds lovely, I'd like a human size one please.
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Buddha needs a light pointer (RIP and thanks for the John Travolta strut -- it just works so beautifully).
Morph's handler needs a face mask. Seriously, the neoprene is not enough for teeth and claws and seriously stressed out felines.
I'm surprised how unhappy Nazzanin is in the water. Turkish vans are traditionally the Esther Williams of the cat world.
And I just watched and waited for one of the dogs to get his tongue stuck to the peanut butter-smeared transparent wall and just... float.... Good boys! Fluffy warm towels and extra tummy rubs, fershur.
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I accidentally watched these with the sound fairly loud, and now my little sassy cat is acting like I have betrayed her beyond belief and allowed multiple crying cats into her house. She left the room after giving me a very stern looking at.
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@ktkt, your little sassy cat and mine could be cousins!
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