I'm sorry, the question again, Dave?
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"Keep fuckin' that inflatable chicken, Dave".
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Does anyone in the local news business pay attention to Last Week Tonight?[YT links] C'mon guys, you can do better. So much better. Please just focus on the information portion of your infotainment jobs. Comedy by amateurs is the karaoke of broadcast television. And for someone such as myself who does not drink, it is just as intolerable.
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I only made it through 1:15 before I had to quit should we have content warnings for this level of awkwardness?
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This kind of thing rarely get a click much less a chuckle from me but I was cackling. I LIVE for the black guy in glasses who refuses to take part in the tomfoolery. And once Mr Wacky pops up?? Oh god this is wonderfully terrible, thank you for this absurd glance into local news culture.
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Whoa. All these years I had no idea that there was a person inside the inflatable man thing! I thought it was just wind. WTF?!

Mind. Blown.
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For some reason I thought this was posted on the blue before, but I can't find it. I think I'm remembering reddit or this Buzzfeed article.

All these years I had no idea that there was a person inside the inflatable man thing!

Friends of mine are who make those costumes and when this interview made the rounds last year they were absolutely giddy.

The history of those characters is actually pretty interesting. Here's a previous FPP about them. The 99PI episode is worth listening to.

Side note: for some reason I thought this video was at least a couple years old, but everything seems to say 2018
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When a guy named mr. Wacky is the only voice of reason......
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