Pouring Resin
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Black Forest Wood Co's Instagram has video after video of strangely beautiful resin pouring over wood and turning those results into furniture. Want a table? Here's their regular website.
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I watch this stuff so often on facebook that it's started to offer these to me as promoted posts instead of offers to refinance my home or razors.

It's just so soothing.
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Their river rock countertop is so interesting- I like that the stones were collected by the client.

ETA: And here it is finished! the bear is so perfect :)
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Tell me more about these razor refinancing ads.
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My partner is a carpenter, and on quiet days they will get sucked into Wood/Carpentry Instagram. After a while of excitedly showing me tools and... wood things... one of these sorts of tables will show up, and my partner will be infuriated. Just howling with outrage about how it's a big block of plastic in some beautiful wood, much to my bemusement.

OTOH these things are starting at 5k, so I might gently suggest that I want a fancy ass table with plastic embedded in it. To sell.
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Hometown pride!
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tobascodagama, they charge you more for the razor up front but then they sell you the blades at a reasonable price.
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Reminds me of the work they do at Mountain Heart, impregnating beetle-damaged wood with coloured epoxy.
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These are all very nice
and highly decorative
and I'd love to see the
technique used for some
other things like radio
tubes and gears and so
on, as steampunk is a
natural partner here.
However either the fumes
are making me giddy or
the vertical video format
is tweaking my gourd buf
something chronic.
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Of course they're vertical, they're Instagram videos.
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making me giddy

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Worth it for the giddy goat juxtaposition alone.
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